Who are we?

The North Carolina Gang Investigators Association (NCGIA) is an association of law enforcement and criminal justice professionals who are dedicated to the prevention of gangs and suppression of gang-related activity within the state of North Carolina.
Through enhanced inter-agency intelligence exchange, legislative activism, citizen awareness, innovative anti-gang operational tactics, and by providing professional education and training, we play a significant role in creating a safer environment for residents of and visitors to this state.
Several years ago the NCGIA board of directors decided to start inviting police supply type companies to our annual conferences.  The reason behind it was that a vast majority of law enforcement officers in North Carolina have no access to a police supply or any other law enforcement related companies in their jurisdiction.  We started with less than five vendors 10+ years ago in Durham, North Carolina and now have averaged over 70 vendors for years.  Due to the increasing number of vendors/partners and members of law enforcement coming to our events we have moved our conferences and the ELETE Expo to the Benton Convention Center in 2017 for more event space.